The Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Motto: Lazy is a Good Thing!

Aww, lookit the puppy. Oh, Snoogums.

At last, you are validated!

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Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Lazy is a Good Thing!

I am a fan of productive, inspired, contributing work. But at a certain level, if you’re not working with purpose, clarity, and commitment to a project, you’re just virtue signalling. If you feel you need to signal virtue to keep your job or your lover, get a new boss/lover.

Never sleep with your boss, btw.

Unless you’re changing companies and now your simmering love can asplode in an ethical way that doesn’t involve a gross imbalance of personal power.

Wow, I got offtrack there. MY POINT IS: if you don’t need to be working, don’t. Rest. Go outside. Learn something new. Call a friend. Connect with your loved ones. Don’t work because you’re brainwashed into thinking that you must work.

You, um, don’t have to. Stop, stop, you’re not actually helping.

And if you’re not virtue signalling but you’re still working for work’s sake, then you, my friend, are ignoring your existential dread and need to face up to the fact that life is short and you should make amazing life decisions starting right the eff now.

Laziness, meanwhile, is extremely efficient.

It helps you observe the status quo so you can see how objects, processes, and behaviors inter-relate. It helps you to take the tiny little challenges that form the backbone of effective habit formation.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Don’t Work for Work’s Sake

If you aren’t driven by purpose, passion, commitment, or a promise, stop at once and do something that excites you.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Small and Slow Solutions Are More Sustainable than Hot and Heavy Overhauls

If you make a huge-ass change to your status quo the effects will be many and vast, and it will be an exponentially more difficult design challenge. If you’re feeling passionately motivated to Do! Something! Productive! I recommend that you learn another language, get lost in your town exploring new areas for a while, or call your difficult great-aunt (she’ll defuse your will to blossom, I promise.)

Make a little change to an object’s placement, or tweak one of your behaviors. These are teeny tiny eeny weeny itsy bitsy changes that I’m talking about. Then stand back and note the results and design around the results. Become a detective, data collector, and experimentalist, not a scullery maid.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: You’re Designing a Sustainable System to Follow for the Rest of Your Life - Don’t Make it Hard! Design it so it Happens Naturally on the Backburner

Here’s the Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Process

  1. Cultivate Synergy
  2. Perform teeny weeny experiments and collect data
  3. Practice clever Habit Formation techniques
  4. Slowly but surely move your process over to Automatic Backburner Cleaning

That’s it. That’s the permaculture plus houskeeping design process. You’re welcome.

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