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House cleaning takes time, right? And time keeps ticking away. You don’t want to spend all of your time keeping house, do you? What if you could spend your time in comfort, with ease, and in a state of fascinated flow or cozy hospitality-offering? You can. Read on and you’ll have some flipping awesome tools that will keep time from slipping through your fingers.

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Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Fangirl Squee: The Convergence of Time, Attention, and Energy Venn Diagram from The Productivity Project

It’s an amazing book by Chris Bailey, who is pretty darn enthusiastic and innovative around the topic of time management. Check out his website and his Ted Talk. Impressed yet? I seriously love this guy.

One of Chris’s great innovations is creating a Venn diagram of Time, Attention, and Energy. The point of their combined convergence? Productivity.

I’ve tried this out and it’s proven to be true over and over again. When I’m fueled up with nutritious food, have the time to act, and am willing to give my attention to a project, my productivity skyrockets.

This works with any project, but it’s very useful when it comes to cleaning house. If you have the time and interest in a house cleaning project, but no energy, it won’t get done. Similarly, if you have interest and energy enough to tackle a project but no time, guess what? It’s still not getting done.

So, what’s the trick? Simple. Here it is.

When you create an anchor for your new habits, build in opportunities for gathering energy, raising interest, and clearing away time for the recurring project.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Fangirl Squee: DEAL from 4-Hour Workweek

D is for Dreamline, that’s good enough for me! *ahem* Tim Ferriss wrote a classic when he wrote The 4-Hour Workweek.

4HWW is structured around an acronym: DEAL. D is for Definition, E is for Eliminate, A is for Automate, and L is for Liberate. Dreamlining and Liberating are important skills, but, just for now, let’s focus on Eliminate and Automate.

Eliminate. The more stuff you can get out of your house, the better. The more schedule-clutter and interruptions that you can excise, the better. A Permaculture Plus Houskeeping home benefits massively from the peace and opportunities for spontaneity that Elimination can provide (I’m not talking about pooping, you guys. Or peeing. Just to be clear. Declutter all of the things.) Nothing promotes hygge like a free schedule. Just having the time to tackle, say, some heirloom crafts, or to lounge around in cozy slippers and sip tea promtoes so much comfort.

Automate: This is about paying bills, mostly. Automate those suckers online stat. But it’s also about hiring help. It’s not against the rules to hire a professional to come in on a recurring basis to deep clean your house - yes, even though you’re interested in the design process of house cleaning. Yes, even if you’re a hippy crunch granola permaculturalist like me. Self-care is very important. I have a permaculture garden - and I also have a landscaping professional in my employ. Use concierge services such as grocery delivery - no more standing in line, or combing through the aisles for that one weird item you want. If you can’t afford anything these things, use your habit formation skills to keep the house cleaning humming almost behind your back.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Fangirl Squee: Personal Significance Units from Olafur Palsson

Oh my goodness, read the above article. It’s a crash course in how to create a sense of expansiveness, freedom, and richness in your time. Basically: the more engaged and happy you are in a project, the more details you’ll remember - and your memories will be vaster, more expansive, and more rewarding.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Time Management Process

Use techniques from Chris, Tim, and Olafur to design a time management system that works for you. Trust me, this page alone will level up your life - it works for anything, not just house cleaning.

For example, you might choose to only check your e-mail once a week (elimination).

You might schedule a trip to a new theme park with your kids (to form a Personal Significance Unit ala Olafur).

You might make sure to eat nutritious food right before you tackle an interesting project - along with clearing your schedule so you have no distractions.

I wish you well as you tweak your own time management according to these principles. Just make sure to get your beauty rest!

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Chris Bailey’s website

Chris Bailey’s Ted Talk

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