Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Note: Perfectionism is Not Your Friend

Mistakes are simply wisdom-fodder. Collect them like flowers and make a bouquet of mistakes; the result veil of wisdom will be your reward. They may not be comfy, but you can prepare yourself to have a soft landing after.

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Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Perfectionism Holds You Back

Perfectionism is not your friend. Just read this book and you’ll see. Embrace the good-enough, the ordinary, and the sufficient - gentle, gentle. Life is too short to chase an impossible ideal. You’ll never get to perfect. (Although you already are - it’s just that you probably don’t feel that way.) If you’re a meticulous sort, shoot for excellence - totally. But if you’re not meticulous, embrace that, and ease yourself into your comfortable life (which happens to have a lower meticulosity-threshold).

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Mistakes Grow Your Wisdom and Enliven Your System

Mistakes are the best. A mistake can result in one of two things (and sometimes both things - win!)

  1. You learn from your mistake and grow your wisdom - you’ll be savvier heading forth
  2. You unexpectedly find a jolt of synergy; the mistake works, and it brings new life and pizzazz to your system

Embrace mistakes. They ARE your friend. Unlike perfectionism (who definitely isn’t).

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Failures Drive Your Iterations

  • They’re not a sign of incompetence, they’re the direct path to progress

Really, truly. Mistakes aren’t a sign that you’re a miserable slump of pond scum who should be returned to the vastness of space post-haste. They’re a sign that you’re trying things, cultivating growth, enriching your life, and moving forward. Failures and mistakes are hyper-effective life fuel. Make mistakes! Fail more!

Failure is just a form of feedback: that didn’t work. Great. Now you know more. Now you can try again with a bit more wisdom and savvy. Your next approach will be more data-driven. It’s a win. Use every failure as a support for your motivation and determination. Keep designing. Keep iterating.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Angle: Letting Go is Liberating

When you stop trying to be perfect, or even excellent, your time availability expands. Embrace the ordinary in some aspects of your life, such as your baking, the smell after you make a ridiculously easy crockpot stew, the designs that you can trace in the dust on your piano, the little socks that get tossed willy nilly just everywhere. There are so many other things at which you can be extraordinary - why waste time with keeping house? Get your learning on. Conquer your fears. Do amazing things. Don’t stay cooped up at home.

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