Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Manifesto Fundamental: Rejigger Your Approach Based on Feedback

If something doesn’t work, don’t recriminate yourself. You’re not awful or worthless. The technique you tried didn’t work. So try something else.

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Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: Don’t Believe that Your House Cleaning Abilities Reflect Your Worth as a Person

Failure is totally an option. You’re testing options and conducting experiments. You’re not demonstrating your worth to your MIL.

Be a bit detached and scientific about your microresolutions and your design process. All you’re doing is checking out options to see how they work. You’re not committing to some grand life change. Remove your sense of worth from the equation - except to affirm and promote your inherent worth and dignity, babies.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: Approach House Cleaning Techniques as Experiments, and Fire the Ones That Don’t Work

Made a tweak to your dish washing method? Great. Track it. See how often that tweak fails or succeeds. If it doesn’t work 90% of the time, fire it and try something else. This is a design challenge, not a marathon of chores.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: Determine Whether Your Current Technique Needs a Tweak or a Complete Overhaul (Hint: go for tweaks)

In permaculture, small and slow changes beat out fast and furious ones. When a design idea fails, tweak it. Make another iteration. Follow the data. Keep iterating until it works. Move slow. Stay calm. Be everlastingly curious. You’ll be rewarded in the end with a house that seems to clean itself.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: If a Technique Works for its Desired Effect but Forces Extra Work On You, Fire It

We’re going for design solutions that ease your burdens and fix your problems, not for design solutions that work to a tolerable degree but have you working for work’s sake. At most, you want to add five extra minutes to your daily routine - and that’s only once your current series of habits is humming along without your noticing them.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Footnotes!

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