Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Manifesto Fundamental: Leverage the Edges

Look at the places where one place, item, or process meets another.

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Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: Intersections Are Fruitful Synergy Points; Make Use of Them!

The most interesting interactions happen at the edges. We tend to look room by room, function by function. But a funny thing happens when we examine liminal spaces: we discover a vast array of new-to-us options. Look at the places where two rooms meet - how do they meet and mesh? Look at an object and consider its interplay with one of your behaviors - for example, how do you treat your coffee maker when you wipe down the counters, and what are the consequences of that?

There is *nothing* like looking at intersections to help you cultivate synergy.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: Look Past Obvious Boxing and Compartmentalization

We all know that culture dictates that a living room is a place with a TV, a couch, some chairs, and a coffee table. But spaces work outside of cultural dictates. My living room has a piano, a computer desk, an electronic music keyboard, an amplifier, three acoustic guitars, an electric bass, and an electric guitar, some folding chairs, and a music stand - but I still call it the living room.

Looking at it from this angle, it’s easier to see that my living room is more of a music room, even though I continue to call it my living room. Look at your bedroom - if you have a bed and a dresser in there even though you sleep exclusively on the couch and keep your books in there, what you actually have is a library with a bed in it.

Note: libraries with beds in them? I highly recommend that.

So it’s worth your time to look at the spaces in your house and to consider how you actually use them. Is your office an office or a video game cave? Is your dining room a dining room or a crafting space? Relabel and cultivate the space based on how you use it.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Tip: Look at the Collision of any Place, Item, or Process - Not Just Like With Like, But Place/Process, Item/Place, Place/Item etc.

How does your new habit of drinking coffee on the porch interact with the process of garbage collection on Monday? How does the light playing off of your newly-hung prism effect your office work in the late afternoon? *squints against glare* How does the falling dust (process) interact with the knick knacks on the piano (objects)? In general, you’ll get your best results if you investigate the interaction of an object with one of your behaviors or known processes.

Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Footnotes!

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