Permaculture Plus Houskeeping Design Ethos: Take Care of Our Planet

Permaculture is based on three ethical values: Take Care of Our Planet, Take Care of Each Other, and Share Your Extra. These three core ethical values comprise the ethos of Permaculture Plus Houskeeping. Here’s the first: Take Care of Our Planet

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I can’t recommend it enough.

House Cleaning, Permaculture Style - Most simply: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The good news is that doing this can be terribly life-enriching. For example, when you replace short trips by car with long walks on foot, you get grounded, you get exercise, and you get a more memorable life experience. (This is one reason why walkable cities are a better idea than suburban sprawl.)

The better news is that this is a juicy place to get your design chops salivating. Finding ways to save energy at home and to avoid sending stuff to the landfill is a great use of innovative energy. Plus, it turns out that your waste can be returned to your system in order to enrich it. Food waste and human waste become garden fertilizer. Empty containers become useful bins, baskets, and shelves. Waste not want not, it turns out, is incredibly true.

There are many ways go about reducing your carbon footprint, and many of them (such as avoiding traffic) make your life run smoother. Check out Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty for some actionable ideas for reducing your carbon footprint. I also recommend this carbon footprint calculator so you can see how you’re doing right now.

House Cleaning, Permaculture Style - Sustainable Transportation

This seems pretty clear to me. If you use your car less, you’ll have to clean it out less often. Make memories by taking a walk, make a friend by setting up a carpool, people watch like the wind on the bus. Feel like you’re flying on a bike (also, make sure to wear a helmet).

House Cleaning, Permaculture Style - Power Yourself with Sun, Wind, and Water

Renewable resources do it better. Solar panels are getting cheaper and easier to have installed every day. And we’re not running out of sun for five billion years. Check out solar cookers. They’re rad. Did you know that home wind turbines are a thing? You can have one. You can install a grey-water system and save a ton of water on your landscape and garden areas. You can also manage your water via typical permaculture garden techniques such as swales and rain barrels.

House Cleaning, Permaculture Style - Embrace All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

You can do a lot with lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, water, Kosher salt, and Simple Green. You can also replace your paper towel usage with wash rags and microfiber cloths. I like to keep all of these things in a caddie with two separated buckets so I can carry my cleaning tools with me as I go. Do as I do and go get lost on Pinterest for a while - you can find everything you need to know about natural cleaning supplies there (just keep it simple and sensible).

House Cleaning, Permaculture Style - Go Minimalist

As a Permaculture Plus Houskeeping designer, you’ll learn a lot about the art of placements. Pro tip: placing objects cleverly with regard to the input from other processes, objects, and behaviors becomes waaaaaaay easier if there are other objects around in context. I love a book called The Joy of Less. It really explains why minimalism is an enticing movement.

Here are some basic things about minimalism that you should know:

  • Having fewer objects means that it’s easier to clean
  • Having fewer objects reduces your number options, thereby lowering your decision fatigue
  • Having fewer objects unburdens you from the cost of their upkeep - and every object has an upkeep cost

House Cleaning, Permaculture Style - Manage Your Garbage

Watch what you throw in that garbage! You could be throwing away treasure or unnecessarily polluting our environment. But not to worry - this doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Head on over to our Go Waste-Free section to learn specifics.

Going waste free isn’t as hard as you might think.

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It’s one of the nicest things that you can do for yourself.